I teach divorced black moms how to prioritize their needs and intentionally flourish in motherhood. 

I teach divorced black moms how to prioritize their needs and intentionally flourish in motherhood.


Tecora Harvey
Single Mom Coach
Published Author

Keynote Speaker


Tecora Harvey         Single Mom Coach    |     Published Author     |     Keynote Speaker

I know you’re a great single mom, but you may still be struggling to regain balance after your divorce.

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It's time to start harmonizing your life as a single mom.

I understand. You’ve got a lot on your plate, sis. You find a way to support everyone except… yourself. 

You are a resilient mom who is parenting alone. You always make things happen for your children, family, and friends, yet you have been left to pick up the pieces after your divorce. But what about your needs? Others attempt to compliment you on how well they see you keeping it all together. But you know you don’t have it together at home. As a single mom, you do your best to support your children emotionally even when you are struggling with managing your own mental health. Without coffee or missing out on necessary sleep, you are unsure how you can stay afloat. 

Your divorce left you feeling like a failure. You are doing your best to heal from the spirits of rejection and abandonment, but you seem unable to forgive or trust again. You question if anyone will ever love you again. You are frustrated and ashamed of your co-parenting dynamics. Just when your life seems to become stable, another disagreement or complication with your co-parent takes place.  

Surviving and Thriving

A better quality of life begins with you looking at yourself in the mirror and giving yourself the “girl, you’ve got it going on” nod. You can overcome low self-esteem and begin to attract emotionally healthy individuals. It is possible to prioritize your needs and the needs of your children. I know you know this can be done, but you need some support with getting there. It’s time to experience peace with your co-parent and stop sweating the things you cannot change. It’s time to raise happy, healthy children. It’s time to find harmony in taking care of yourself and your family. 

It’s time.
Start showing up for yourself.

Hello, Lovely.

I’m Tecora - your Single Mom Coach. 

Two years ago, I published my first book, Surviving & Thriving After the L, through my company, Type & Triumph, LLC. As a single mom coach and author, I have watched black single moms who are parenting alone and struggling with managing their responsibilities, handling life’s obligations, and prioritizing their needs. It may not feel like your needs are a priority when so many depend on you. Saying “yes” and doing everything for everyone has become second nature. So you feel guilt and shame about putting your needs first as a single mom. 

It’s time to start being just as wonderful to yourself as you are to everyone else.

Tecora Harvey

What My Clients Say

Monique P

“Chapter 5 Type of Therapy Matters”- one thing that stood out to me in Surviving & Thriving After The L was Tecora’s ideals on Therapy, I liked that she highlighted the misconceptions on therapy and that we had to have one therapist our whole lives. I am a believer in “if it fits, I sit” and therapy is much like that. Tecora says that “you can outgrow your therapist and need to work with someone else” and that is entirely true. The grace in which Tecora made this statement created a safe alternative to shop around of different therapists if the one you have is not working out. She suggested finding a therapist who specializes in specific traumas which I totally agree with. She is very knowledgeable and insightful with her suggestions. I would recommend this book to those who have suffered loss or the loss of any sort!"

- Monique P.
Ethleen S

“We've all experienced losses in life. From a loved one passing to a friendship ending to a romantic relationship completely falling apart, loss is all around. In her book, Tecora Harvey writes about ways to deal with and overcome loss. She is candid about her own experiences with loss and invites readers to journey with her to healing. If you've experienced loss, you are not alone. Grab a copy of Tecora's book and see how she was able to survive and thrive after the L.”

- Ethleen S.
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An 8-week coaching program for divorced Black moms who are ready to prioritize themselves without feeling guilty and peacefully embrace their co-parenting dynamics.  


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Would you like me to speak at your virtual or in-person event?


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What My Clients Say

Dawn L

“Thank you so much for this amazing piece of literature. It’s been a humbling experience to say the least. I have seen the progress and I appreciate you sharing your journey with myself and others. You are an inspiration to our community and our culture."

- Dawn L.
Dior J

“Your book blessed my soul. Your transparency and wisdom has given me the steps I need towards healing.”

- Dior J.

Experiencing trauma and personal loss is messy, inconvenient, and impacts us on levels deeper than we think, but we don’t have to succumb to the negative impact these circumstances can have on us…Healing is possible…there is life after the L.”

14 Effective Ways to Heal After Personal Loss

Surviving & Thriving After the L - Tecora Harvey